Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Symphonie's Birthday

Happy Birthday Symphonie!!
Today Symphonie is turning 11 years old. She had a large elaborate birthday party in August. There was a dunk tank, cotton candy, snow cones, hot dogs, swimming pool, and a large inflatable water slide. And lets not forget the amazing artwork that Debbie Satison did with the face paints. It was a joint Birthday party for Symphonie, Watson and Truman. I think it worked out really well. Because for Symphonie and especially Watson their birthdays are so close to Christmas, it was fun to do something in the summer. I was wary of how the kids would be when their actual birthdays came around, and it was good. My mom and dad (Grandma Gaye and Papa Ray) took them out on their actual birthdays. In fact i guess Symphonie was having so much fun she didnt want to come home, so she even got a sleepover at Grandmas. Marc and I were going to take her to get her Coldstone birthday icecream, so I guess Marc and I will have to go with out her. She has had several people call today Madison Gianos, Micaela Cordon, Grandma Wheeler and her Aunt Heather, to wish her a happy birthday. I hope she has recieved all the phone calls that I have forwarded to her.

Yessss, does this mean I am part of the group?

Awesome I just wanted to try this out. A friend of mine is sick and she has been difficult to get a hold of. So i remembered she had a blog, googled her name. Then I got a full update. I like blogs. So I am going to start one. sort of like a little journal. Last year was far more exciting than this year. But all you would have heard about is rocks. We were finishing the yard. Well kids are screaming so i have to run. I will work on it more later.